Regional Partnership WDB Career Centers – Services for Business

Generally the “bricks and mortar” Career Centers are locations aimed at job seekers to get them started on their job search, as well as offer training and skills assessment and development.  However, these locations also provide services to Businesses in cases where the services cannot be easily accessed through NCWorks Online, or in cases where you want some guidance from staff at the local centers.  Following is a sample of services available through NCWorks Career Centers

  • Business Resource Room –Space for interviewing/conferences/job fairs/workshops or training.
  • Recruitment and Screening Assistance –While much of this can be done online, businesses can also obtain assistance with posting job listings, automated job matching, applicant recruitment, screening and referral.
  • Human Resource Information– Information on the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, unemployment insurance, labor law and compliance information.
  • Technical Assistance on Employment Issues– Licensing requirements, bonding, and labor certification.
  • Rapid Response Services– Assistance with downsizings and/or closing.
  • Education and Training Brokering– Staff help businesses identify and connect with appropriate education and training sources to assist with your workforce development needs.  Consumer reports on effectiveness of specific providers are also available for employers.

NCWorks Incumbent Worker Training Grants

Do your existing employees need to upgrade their skills? If so, your company may be eligible for an Incumbent Worker Training Grant. Employers can utilize this competitive training solution when an employee has an identified skills gap that could be addressed through training because these employees:

  • Need to upgrade skills and knowledge to retain their current job; or
  • Need to gain new skills and knowledge so they qualify for a different job with their employer.


An ideal incumbent worker opportunity is one where a participant acquires new skills allowing him or her to move into a higher skilled and higher paid job within the company, thus allowing the company to hire a jobseeker to back fill the then vacant positon.

How it works:
Businesses can apply for up to $15,000 per program year, provided they do not exceed the $120,000 lifetime maximum.

Employers are eligible if they are:

  • Current on all obligations
  • Have an employer-employee relationship with at least five employees
  • Have been in operation in North Carolina 12 or more months


The grants cover the costs of the following training expenses:

  • Training/Course registration
  • Training that results in participant obtaining an industry-recognized certification or credential to include training preparation for certification exams. Funding must be requested for both the training and the certification exam and completed within the twelve (12) month contract
  • Web-based online training
  • Employee skills assessment that results in primary training funded through the grant
  • Textbooks/manuals used 100% for the training activities
  • Materials and supplies directly related to the funded training
  • Travel for trainers-if the requested training is not available within reasonable proximity to the business


*For more information contact your local Business Services Representative. *

Business Service Representatives can travel to your place of business to consult with you and provide services, and they will also guide you to the wealth of resources available through NCWorks Career Centers, and NCWorks Online. 

For more information contact:

Glenda Morrow
Business Services Representative/ ACT Skills Profiler:
Regional Partnership Workforce Development Board
2640 Columbine Lane
Burlington, NC 27215
P: 336-570-6800
F: 336-570-6806

Jay Scarborough,
Business Services Representative for
Regional Partnership Workforce Development Board
109 N. Main Street
PO Box 487
Randleman, NC  27317
P: 336-629-5141
F: 336-799-4312