Job Profiling is a business service where occupations are identified to help your business, or learn what types of training programs can be the most effective.

ACT-trained facilitators work collaboratively with groups of your employees to complete each job analysis. Job incumbents serve as the subject matter experts who define the tasks and skills needed to perform a specific job successfully.

Job profiling consists of a task analysis to select the tasks most critical to a job and skill analysis to identify the skills and skill levels required to enter the job and perform effectively.By matching the job profile information with individual scores on the WorkKeys assessments, you can make reliable decisions about hiring, training, and program development needs.

Job Profiling:

  • Supports hiring, promotion, and training decisions
  • Uses focus groups and ACT trained facilitators
  • Offers a proven methodology and reliable results
  • Uses ACT’s SkillPro® software
  • Assists to determine job-relatedness

Glenda Morrow
Business Services Representative/ACT Skill Profiler for
Regional Partnership Workforce Development Board
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