Success Stories

On-the-job Training Program Addresses Skill Gaps

john_hammond_photoJohn Hammond, an Alamance County resident was enrolled into WIOA In February 2015 as a dislocated worker after being laid off from Fred Smith Company in January. Based on John’s work history and skill set, it was determined that he would be a good candidate for the OJT program.

Sue Holaday with Summit Design & Engineering Services out of Hillsborough NC reviewed John’s resume and interviewed him. The company was interested in having John on board, knowing there were some skill gaps that would need to be addressed, but feeling he had the determination and motivation to learn all training requirements. Crystal Taylor, the Business Services Representative for this region met with Ms. Holaday for the purpose of developing a Pre Award Analysis.

The WIOA staff worked with John and determined that he met all criteria for services and was an excellent candidate for the OJT program. He completed the WIOA enrollment process by submitting all eligibility documentation, completion of required assessments and an orientation session.

An OJT Narrative and Training Plan was developed and John began a 1040 hour OJT on February 9, 2015 as a Construction Engineer Inspector Transportation Technician I (CEI – TT I).  He completed the OJT in August 2015 and remains employed with this company.

Sue Holaday, HR Manager with Summit Design & Engineering Services says that John is now a CEI – TT II.  She also goes on to say “the OJT program allowed us to bring John in as a trainee and since he was unbillable as a trained technician, the OJT program allowed us to receive some reimbursement for his training while he obtained additional certifications and experience.  Since he has joined us, he has received two increases in pay and his last increase this month was more than 5%.  His increase was given due to “skill set, experience, increased leadership role and continued high quality of performance” (a direct quote from Resident Engineer he is working under).  During his time with us, he has gained various certifications including Conventional Density, ABC & Borrow Pit Sampling, and Erosion Control among others.”

John is very grateful for the OJT experience, saying that “it came along at a time when things were scary” being without a job and having a family to support. John also says that the WIOA/OJT experience “was a positive experience”. He loves his job and says that Summit is an “awesome company and they are good to him”. He feels supported and valued by his supervisors and that means a lot to him.