Success Stories

Skills Training Made Tejus Maduskar More Employable

How the WIOA Training Program Enhanced My Skills & Made Me More Employable.

tejus_maduskarHi, my name is Tejus Maduskar, and I am a management consultant currently working in the healthcare industry (insurance and hospital focused). When I lost my previous job in 2014, I knew I would have to work hard to close any gaps in skills which my future employers expected me to have. Though I had some exposure to analytic tools and methods, most prospective employers that I was interested in were looking for candidates with formal training and experience in popular analytic software applications such as SAS, SQL server, and Tableau.

This is where the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) program came in. I met with a case manager in the Orange County NCWorks Career Center, who explained to me what courses were available from a training perspective, and how to apply and when to apply. With the help of my case manager, I was able to get a spot and funding for training courses in SAS Basic and SAS Advanced at the SAS Institute in Cary, NC. Before, during, and after the training my case manager helped my complete all the formalities, and provided exceptional customer service and support by answering all of my training questions (or putting me in touch with the right persons).

The training helped strengthen my resume and skills, and eventually get hired by a healthcare data analytics and management consulting firm.

I really enjoyed working with WIOA staff, who made my journey to finding employment that much better. Fortunately, there are funds available for people like me to get retrained and better prepared for the workforce than ever before. I highly encourage people who recently lost a job and/or are trying to reenter the workforce, to contact the NCWorks Career Center/WIOA Program

Thank you, and good luck to you.

Regards, Tejus Maduskar